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Holiday Inn Aachen
Krefelder Strasse 221
Aachen 52070
Tel: 49 0241 18030
Fax: 49 0241 1803444
Historically and culturally significant, Aachen was a medieval imperial city and a favourite residence of Charlemagne. Aachen is located in the westernmost part of Germany bordered by Belgium and the Netherlands.
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Holiday Inn Bautzen
Wendischer Graben 20
Bautzen 02625
Tel: 49 3591 4920
Fax: 49 3591 492100
Affectionately known as 'the city of towers', historical Bautzen is 998 years old. The capital town of the Sorbians has a mass of winding alleyways that connect its ancient cathedral, castle and fortifications.
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Holiday Inn Dresden
Stauffenbergallee 25a
Dresden 01099
Tel: 49 351 81510
Fax: 49 351 8151333
Famous for its superb examples of baroque architecture in the Theaterplatz and Brühl Terraces, Dresden is also noted for its important art collections and fine art traditions.
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Holiday Inn Fulda
Lindenstrasse 45
Fulda 36037
Tel: 49 661 83300
Fax: 49 661 8330555
Located in the valley of the River Fulda, this picturesque town dates from the Middle Ages. The abbey and its library are of unique historical significance and date from the period. The castle, palace and cathedral are superb examples of baroque architecture.
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Holiday Inn Mannheim City Centre
N6, 3
Mannheim 68161
Tel: 49 621 10710
Fax: 49 621 1071167
Mannheim continues to promote a rich cultural and arts scene, a tradition started by art lover, Prince Elector, Carl Theodore. The university was once his palace. The city is laid out in a classical 'chessboard' ground plan, dating from the seventeenth century.
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Holiday Inn Minden
Lindenstrasse 52
Minden 32423
Tel: 49 0571 87060
Fax: 49 0571 8706160
Located near the German Fairy-tale and Windmill route, and at a crossroads on Europe's trade routes, the historic city of Minden boasts a beautiful Romanesque cathedral and the Prussian Museum.
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Holiday Inn Moenchengladbach
Speicker Strasse 49
Moenchengladbach 41061
Tel: 49 2161 9380
Fax: 49 2161 938807
Founded in 974, Moenchengladbach was established around a Benedictine Abbey. There are many stepped alleys and traces of the old medieval fortifications in the town.
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Holiday Inn Garden Court Rastatt/Baden-Baden
Karlsruher Strasse 29
Rastatt 76437
Tel: 49 7222 9240
Fax: 49 7222 924115
Once the stronghold of Ludwig the Turk, Rastatt still boasts the enormous red sandstone castle that he built between 1698 and 1707.
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Crowne Plaza Schwerin
Bleicher Ufer 23
Schwerin 19053
Tel: 49 385 57550
Fax: 49 385 5755777
Located in one of Germany's lake districts, Schwerin is the capital city of Mecklenburg Vorpommern. The stunning castle was a former royal residence. Mecklenberg State Theatre adds a cultural dimension to this beautiful city.
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Holiday Inn Garden Court Stuttgart - Winterbach
Fabrikstrasse 6
Winterbach 73650
Tel: 49 7181 70900
Fax: 49 7181 7090190
Between Stuttgart and Aalen, Winterbach is strategically located within this important commercial region. The 'Remstal' wine growing area and many picturesque villages and historic sites can be explored from here.
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Holiday Inn Wolfsburg City Centre
Rathausstrasse 1
Wolfsburg 38440
Tel: 49 5361 2070
Fax: 49 5361 207981
Located between the Harz Mountains and the Moorland, Wolfsburg is in the heart of Volkeswagen-Automobile City. There are numerous castles, the modern Planetarium and the Volkeswagen Theme Park in the immediate vicinity.
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Holiday Inn Zwickau
Am Kornmarkt 9
Zwickau 08056
Tel: 49 375 27920
Fax: 49 375 2792666
Located in the Erzgebirge ('the ore mountains'), Zwickau prospered when silver-bearing lodes were discovered at Schneeburg. The town was also the birthplace of Schumann.
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